Ard Lengkeek - Managing Partner

Owning years of working experience in the private sector, international research and rural development, all in the tropics. Flexible team player with hands on approach, positive attitude and excellent intercultural skills. Besides being a DIBcoop board member, Ard is also a cofounder and co-owner or biofuel companies in Mali and Burkina Faso. Ard has an MSc in tree breeding and a PhD in agroforestry, both from Wageningen University.

Contact me:
phone: +31 614 636 894
Languages: Dutch, English, French, German.

Arnoud Braun - Managing Partner

Passionate about the combination of smallholders, sustainable trade, environmentally friendly production and private sector investments; for training smallholders using the Farmer Field School (FFS) approach. Specialized in Private Sector Investments (grants & loans) for emerging markets, Business Development, Partner Search, Matchmaking, Fair Trade, Pre-Financing for Fair Trade, Organic Agriculture, Smallholder Agriculture, FFS, Farmer Field Schools and training-by-doing.

Contact me:
Phone: +31 630 884 640
Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, Swahili, 

Mathieu Chaix-Bar - Project Officer

His training and experience in economics, ecology and environmental management allows him to bring relevant insights into project development, with often sparking innovation. He has experience in project management in East and West Africa (eg urine diverting toilet, small-scale irrigation), especially in rural area. Passionated about people, Mathieu uses his multicultural skills to facilitate collaboration between local and international organisations and stakeholders. 

Contact me:
phone: +31 619 838 494
Language: English, French, Spanish

Limbikani Kadzamira - Project Officer

His work involves proposal and business plan development, partnership building, resource mobilisation and institutional capacity development for private and public sector, farmer organisations and NGOs. He has 16 years' experience in management or development programs through NGOs, faith-based organisations and private sector. His passion is in development or innovative sustainable business cases that involve smallholders with other players along the value chain.

Contact me:
phone: +31 626 486 020
Languages:  English, Chichewa, Nyanja, Tumbuka, Dutch A1, French.

Peter Paap - Project Officer

During his 25 years of experience  in the sustainable development field, Peter followed many projects, mainly in West- and Central Africa, focused on training/workshops on capacity building, adaptation to climate change, institutional development and organisational strengthening. Within DIBcoop, Peter is involved in proposal development, particularly for the GEF (Global Environment Facility) and the GCF (Green Climate Fund), as well as the promotion of a climate smart agroforestry entrepreneurship.

Contact me:
phone: +31  624 777 283
Languages:  Dutch, English, French, German , Spanish

Agnese Beatrice Orzes - Project Officer

Passionate graduate in International Development, with a track in Rural Sociology and a background in International Relations. Agnese is particularly enthusiastic about everything concerning rural development combined with agriculture and food production / consumption. She likes to "get her hands dirty" and dive into projects. Good organisational skills, very curious and a good team player. Currently busy in managing projects, mainly connected to rural development.

Contact me:
phone: +39 3477479342
Languages:  English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Sarah Hassan Ali - Project Officer Kenya and Somalia


Sarah Hassan Ali is a young expert at DIBcoop through the YEP program- She has a BSc in Industrial Engineering and three years' experience in developing and implementing emergency humanitarian projects in Somalia. Sarah has shown interest in the business development sector, she is engaging with DIBcoop to build partnerships in both Kenya and Somalia.

Contact me:
phone:  +221 770348987
Languages:  English,  Swahili,  Turkish,  Somali

Papa Moussa Mar - Project Officer Senegal

The specialisation of Papa concerns logistics and project reporting.  In his working life, he collaborated with USAID in project reporting on agricultural projects in both English and French. His interpersonal communication abilities allowed him to create a fixed network in Senegal, a precious advantage in order to successfully develop locally based projects. He collaborates with DIBcoop in developing projects in West Africa by providing expertise and deep knowledge of the local context and dynamics.

Contact me:
phone:  +221 770348987
Languages:  French,  English, Wolof

Sara Butler - Writer and Communicator

An anthropologist by training, Sara has over 30 years of experience in the fields of international and rural development. First and foremost a communicator and connector, she helps people to communicate clearly through written text. She thrives on a variety of media and writing styles: report and proposal writing, website texts, practical guides, copywriting and academic publications. A team player who can motivate, plan and manage - meeting deadlines is second nature to Sara!

Contact me:
phone: +31 614 686 069
Languages:  English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German

Annie Polman - Administrator

Annie has been working with DIBcoop for more than 8 years. She accompanies the company and is always in order. Her positive attitude makes the rest of the team's administrative tasks a pleasure to contribute to.

Contact me:
Languages:  Dutch, English.