We work together with a wide range of businesses such as agri-business, agroforestry, agro residue processing, water management and more.

We partner with all kinds of companies applying ecological services to boost profit.

With experience in public-private partnerships and our hands-on approach, we provide you with personalised service.

We know that as an entrepreneur you need to focus on your core activities. We help you maximise your economic, social and environmental impact.

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Developing a Bankable Business Plan

When approaching a financial organisation for funding, a bankable business plan is indispensable. We can assist you to develop a bankable business plan for increased profit and social and environmental values.

Funding organisations will also assess the financial status and projections of your company - then it helps to have a convincing financial model based on a sound analysis.

Project Formulation

You know what activities you want to do. We can assist you design the project you want and guide you through the submission process for obtaining funding.

Once the project has been designed, we can assist in writing a proposal according to the donor's criteria.

Formulating a project can be a lengthy process: not only must the content be tailored to fund criteria, but you also need to convince funders of the viability of your project.


We know the world of donors and funding opportunities. International funding bodies and governments make all kinds of grants and subsidies available periodically for targeted sectors or businesses.

Are local interest rates unaffordable? We can make a personalised selection of potential financing agencies based on your business case, increasing your chance of obtaining a loan.

Applying for funding can be a complex and lengthy application process even for experienced fundraising organisations like us.

Project Implementation

DIBcoop can function as a project lead or as project partner in a joint project.

Our involvement varies according to your preferences, yet we have observed that our involvement in the implementation phase improves the success and outcomes of the projects.

We have an extensive network of local and international experts from the south and the north who add their local knowledge and scientific expertise.

Technical Assistance

You have a great project, but how can you get farmers on board and make them enthusiastic about planting trees and other agro-ecological measures you want to implement? How can you convince them that these interventions are not only beneficial for your company but also for them?

As an entrepreneur, you might not be familiar with field activities with farmer families, women groups, agroforestry techniques and other. We have expertise in all of these.

We are known for our innovative and effective field approach and are continuously improving our toolkit filling it with efficient and effective field methods.

Monitoring and Reporting

We know how to keep the donor happy.

From baseline to end reporting, the budget and field activities have to be planned, monitored and evaluated. We can assist you with these tasks.

You need to know, and be able to show, that your expenditures have been effective. We are experienced in monitoring and have developed a dedicated toolkit for measuring the effects of (payment for) environmental services, which we are continuously improving.

We can also do regular reporting for you in accordance with the specific requirements of the project donor: baseline studies, mid-term evaluations and end evaluation and reporting.

Our Track Record

25+ countries

100+ business plans

25+ types of funding

30+ commodities

Millions of trees planted

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