Our Approach

Our Value Added

At DIBcoop we believe that inclusive, sustainable agri-business is an effective way to alleviate poverty and contribute to flourishing economies in developing countries. We work together with a wide range of clients, in agri-business, waste processing, water management and more. With experience in public-private partnerships and our hands-on approach, we provide you with personalised service.

Focus, Focus, Focus! As an entrepreneur you need to focus on your core activities, and we know that! Developing a bankable business plan, raising additional funding, implementing training programmes, monitoring and reporting can be time-consuming and distract from what you are passionate about. These tasks are our cup of tea, and we’re good at them. We help you focus on your core business to maximise your economic, social and environmental impact.






Our Track Record

24 countries

65 business plans

20 types of funding

 1.9M investment per project

70% success rate

 700,000 grant/loan per project