We promote socially and environmentally focused business...

... the best way to reduce poverty and
improve resilience to climate change

Our Solution

Why we Coop?

We gain satisfaction in supporting economies and environmental activities that empower farmers and outgrowers to improve their livelihood. 

How We Coop?

We assist worldwide farmer-inclusive Agri-Businesses with business development, agricultural technical expertise, and fund raising. Our personalised and hands-on approach leads to significant improvement of the economic, social and environmental impacts.

Who we Coop?

We work with local and international companies, NGOs, and other organisations in the field of agriculture, agro-forestry, renewable energy, water provision, and waste management. 

Where We Coop?

Our international experience and network allows us to develop & implement projects on the five continents. We however have a focus in Sub-Sahara African countries. 

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