Technical Expertise

All team members have a background in agriculture and environmental management. DIBcoop can provide adequate technical expertise

General Practices

DIBcoop's technical expertise is not only directly applied to the projects we are involved in, but also is largely incorporated in our business development and fund raising activities. This allows us to accompany our clients from an holistic perspectives all along the way.

Agro-Forestry & Agro-Ecology

Agro-forestry and ecology can offer increased productivity, economic benefits, and more diversity in the ecological goods and services provided. With more than 20 years expertise in this field, we support and encourage such practices to our clients.

Environmental Management

We believe that there is - as in nature - no waste per se.We assist in the development of circular economic systems. We support, with technical advice, companies and organisation that, either as part of they core business or as part of their policy, encourage the sustainable management of their environment such as plastic recycling or sanitation provision.

Farmer Field School

The farmer field school approach is a group-based training process for farmers. A lead farmer and his land serve as a model where other farmers come for training and exchanging practices. We have expertise in facilitating the development and implementation of such training with multiple stakeholders. 

An International Network

Thanks to the diverse background experience of our team members, DIBcoop has developed over the years an extensive network of local and international experts who, when in need, support our activities with local knowledge or latest scientific information.

Project Implementation, Monitoring,  & Reporting

Over the last years, DIBcoop has strengthened his role in project implementation. We accompany our client from start to finish. Our involvement varies according to the clients preferences, yet we have observed that our involvement in the implementation phase significantly improves the success and outcomes of the projects. Coupled with our ability to successful monitor and report to the different stakeholders, we offer an holistic approach to business development.