Business Development

DIBcoop has strong expertise in business development with small and large companies.
According to your needs we can develop:

Bankable Business Plan

A bankable business plan is crucial to approach any financial organization. It is also essential for your company as a referencing document.

Financial Analysis and Model

As for the Business plan, most financial organizations assess the financial status and projections of the company, and this is crucial to being convincing.

Project Design and Implementation

Accurate project design and efficient implementation are essential reach your goals. Let's face it, we are from the Netherlands, and we are the best at it! 


The Challenges

Developing a business plan or a financial model can be a lengthy process when the content should be tailored for funders to be convinced by the viability of the business. 

Why us?  

With our knowledge and experience with agri-business and funders, as well as our hands-on approach we can assist you in these tasks.