Wheat Farming with Flour Mill - Mali

Topic: Wheat Farming

Client: Grand Moulin du Mali.


Synopsis:  Compagnie Malienne de Blé (CMDB) is a company that grows wheat as well as rotational or off-season crops (maize, rice, soy) using a modern pivot irrigation system and assists over 400 farmers in wheat production in Diré, northern Mali.

Our role:CMDB needed additional funding for the implementation of the pivot irrigation. It also needed additional production. DIBcoop developed a Public Private Partnership for the training of local farmers to increase the total numbers of local wheat producers as well as their productivity and thus livelihood and resilience. DIBcoop facilitated funding raising, implementation between partners and reporting.


Amount raised:  EU € 1.2 million & 0.4 million

Fund type: Grant & Development Partnernship

Fund Organization:  RVO & GIZ.