Silicon Based Micro Nutrient - South Africa & India

Topic: Silicon Based Micro Nutrient

Client: Si Technologies International B.V.


Synopsis: Si Technologies International B.V. is a Dutch company that found a way to stabilize silicic acid that allows food crops to absorb Silicon, an important element in plant growth. Their outcome product is called NewSil. applying silicic acid to food crops reduces the water consumption of plants with 30% to 50%, therefore this product could have great potential in producing more food with less water use.

Our role:The project developed by DIBcoop together with the client helped 2600+ farmers to get access to NewSil and start to apply it to the crops in both India and South Africa (where local partners of the company are already active).


Amount raised:  $ US 500 000

Fund type: Grant

Fund Organization: USAID – SWFF (Secure Water For Food)