Shea Nuts - Mali & Burkina Faso

Topic: Shea nuts production

Client: SOATAF


Synopsis: SOATAF has been involved in the export of Shea kernels Since 2004. Shea is one of the most important generating crops for women, especially during difficult seasons. SOATAF pre-finance and purchased pre-processed Shea kernels from 150 local women cooperative.

L;LLOur role: SOATAF had seen the opportunity to further process locally the Shea kernels into Shea butter. For this, it needed to invest in high quality processing facility and increase the productivity of the producers. DIBcoop established a partnership with, FDOV, ICCO, for capacity building of 35,000+ women in Mali and Africa.


Amount raised:  EU € 1.4 million

Fund type: Grant

Fund Organization: RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland)