Topic: Fairtrade and organic certified pineapple production

Client: Nicofrutta S.r.l.


Synopsis: Nicofrutta is an Italian company trading pineapples with Costa Rica. The goal of this project has been to provide training to the smallholder cooperatives -that also supply Nicofrutta, in order to make them able to expand the range of certifications (Fairtrade, Organic) and to be prepared for the increasing demands of the European and international markets including increasing certification standards.

Our role: Nicofrutta asked for the support of DIBcoop in approaching the right fund and develop and effective project. DIBcoop has been able to write an attractive concept note and a satisfactory project, result from a detailed negotiation process between the client and the fund.



  • 170 smallholder farmers are trained on sustainable agricultural practices, biodiversity, certifications, ethical and gender related issues 
  • 40 employees (65% women) are trained on quality standards of processing and packaging and ethical and gender related issues


Amount raised:  € 200 K

Fund type: Grant

Fund Organization:  GIZ