Organic Palm Oil - Sierra Leone

Topic: Certified Organic Fairtrade Palm Oil production

Client: Natural Habitat Group


Synopsis: Natural Habitats Group is a is a top-3 producer of organic palm oil in the world. The company sustainably produces palm oil (among other products), by specifically paying attention to the environment and the local producers involved.

Our role: Natural Habitats wanted to set up a project that allowed it to both produce palm oil and empower local people in Sierra Leone. DIBcoop -successfully- wrote a proposal that included the hiring of 40+ local people (half of them women) and that converted 200+ ha to sustainable agriculture. The production established is not only environmentally sustainable (organic, CO2 neutral) but helps local producers to work in a structured and efficient way (block farming).


Amount raised:  EU € 880 000

Fund type: Grant

Fund Organization: RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland)