Calculating the costs and benefits of Agroforestry – the easy way

Everyone can grow trees and earn a living. DIBcoop provides services to project and report on the impact of Landscape Restoration Initiatives, including Agroforestry. 
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Capturing the complexity of Agroforestry

Agroforestry farming systems result in more productive, climate-resilient and biodiverse agricultural landscapes that also support (smallholder) farmers’ livelihoods, particularly those of women. There are so many benefits because agroforestry systems are complex and multifunctional. While these diverse agro-ecological relations are agroforestry’s biggest asset, they also make it a big challenge to quantify the performance of these farming systems and their impact on livelihoods. The FarmTreeTool can help!

The FarmTreeTool is a powerful and flexible instrument that allows us to get to grips with Agroforestry finances and non-economic benefits. We should have had this method ten years ago!” Dennis Garrity of the Evergreen Agriculture Partnership